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Wingy penguin a new arcade game app and why you should try it !

Become a Wingy User !

Wingy penguin it's our new arcade game coming soon on the Apple Store (IOS) from Bluehood Entertainment. We hope that you will be numerous to subscribe to be a new tester of our new game.

We present you this wingy penguin character 2D, which is the main character of this game. He'll discover new places if you play with him but only if you grab enough lollipops, and you avoid all the bombs (not so easy, isn't it ?). For special event he could wear some special clothes (SPOILER), but only if you have enought lollipops... Maybe some of his friends could also play with you. But what kind of friend ? Unicorns, birds, bears ? (Make a choice and imagine).

To thank you of your achievement in the game, you could win some badge of honour for wingy user. Entertainment is good.

Why you should try it !

This is the moment, when we have to convince you that this is this game and not another one !

First reason

It will not take all your memory. And we know that in a mobile phone you have around 40 apps and rarely more. Our app will not be the app to delete when your phone is saying this so frustrating message :  " no stockage available "

Don't worry, be free.

Second reason

You love penguins. I love penguins. Everybody love penguins. That should be clear..

Third reason

It's free, and we know that the crisis is our main concern.. You will found some fun things to buy, but all stuff that you can buy can be also reached with lollipops. For those which aren't patient you know what you have to do.

Fourth reason

You could become the master of the wingy penguin game.  With our community of followers we will instaure a real link, you will vote for new characters, new background, name of places, etc, and have the possibility to make a choice to reinvent the game as the effigy of wingy users !

Fifth reason

You would do the highest score, show it to everyone,...(this time is not over) #popular #famous and BE A PART OF IT ! This great adventure of two students beginning this project with you.

Sixth reason

Have fun. Because fun apps are cool.

We could find others reasons, but it's now the time for you to try it, and to register just right here :


You are our best publicity so don't hesitate to share your records and talk about it as the best app ever to your friend, your boss, your cat, etc..

see you at the launching ! A big thank you !

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