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Why mobile apps are not dying

Number of Apps on IOS and Android downloaded are increasing

According to studies from Statista since 2008 the number of apps downloaded on IOS are increasing every month. In 2009, one million of mobile applications have been downloaded against 180 million of apps nowadays. The curve is constantly extending. The category of apps most popular and famous is gaming. Video games are more and more numerous on the apple store, and the competition is getting stronger. Games match to 23 percents of the Apple Store.

With regard to Android apps the rise of downloads is also very impressive with one million of apps downloaded in 2016 against 65 million in May 2016.


Social networks and apps

Today, social networks are the apps the most popular on the ranking of the App Store and the Google play store. Social networks are renewing, all began with Facebook, went on with Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and now “Sarahah” which this summer has a lot of success with young people. Apps for social networks became crucial to survive on the market. Some people are always connected to stay tuned with their followers for example. Customs are evolving a lot, concepts are changing, and technologies also, new features are galvanizing the market: short videos on Snapchat, anonymous profiles, having an avatar, etc. Having social networks on your mobile phone is now unavoidable. We can imagine that it’s still possible to create a new social network changing customs of people and having his killer feature, be creative.


Success Stories are still happening in 2017

The app Sarahah is a new app which was created in November 2016 by Al Abidin Tawfiq, at the beginning the app wasn’t a success that’s why the creator changed his target to affect more people. His feature is the possibility to be anonymous on your profile, with the option to write about others without knowing who’s hiding behind profiles. This concept is very similar to “ask-fm” another social network based on the anonymity. It main feature, was known thanks to an influencer in the Arab Countries, it became a real success with young people in July 2017. Their user have used snapchat to share their account, etc. This app is really controversial due to his main feature which can be dangerous for many reasons. However, success stories are still happening.  You can still make part of the game of mobile apps, launching one and appear in best apps of the world. A real community could be created with only one application, make a choice and launch your idea.


Home automation and apps

Nowadays, Home automation is taking a place more and more important in our society. It will be a flourishing market next years, and it’s beginning to be with some apps where you can order what you want to do in your home without standing up of your chair or being in holidays in another country. Sure, this apps work with connected object, our future home will be more automated. In 2016, Apple launched an app named “Homekit” to pilot your house with the possibility to interconnect machines. For now, there is not so much machines connected with the app, but the situation is changing, and famous brands are investing a lot in research and development to make it possible.


A different use of mobile phone

Nowadays, smartphones took such a big place that they have now multiple uses. And apps (fun apps, professional apps, social networks, games) took a huge place on our mobiles phones. Each person has on his smartphone around 40 apps, which is a lot, but compare to the number of apps existing on the market it’s not so much.


Some famous services or social network only work with an app

If we take the example of Instagram, we note that you can only post pictures or modified them via the app but not on the website, which is more used to see some pictures. It’s the case of numerous companies which begin their business with an app which isn’t transposed on a website.

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