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Help me ! I can’t make a choice !

Taking a decision can be a challenge

A real community of undecided persons exist. Sometimes our vacillation can affect small choices also. Since the beginning of the day to the end we are making decisions. Our spirit never stops evaluating and judging what is the best choice for us and for the others. Our brain tries to structure pros and cons, but the complexity of some choices could be really high. Doubting create negatives emotions, and more we take time to make a decision more it’s difficult to take it.

Emotions and the decision-making process

Research of Antonio Damasio

Your mood in the present moment has an influence in how to make decisions. Sadness, optimism, joy, jealousy, anger, change your decision analysis. Emotions linked to the decision process is supported by the research of Antonio Damasio a neuroscientist which studied feelings related to other fact. In his experiment, he observed people which had a neurologic problem into their brain because they couldn’t feel anything and he discovered that all of them, were unable to decide something. They had not enough elements to prioritize their choices, to make an ethical decision or quite simply to make good decisions. They had no idea of what was right or wrong, even for really easy decisions. Consequence of this experiment,


Antonio Damasio concluded that reason and emotions can’t be separated. To know more about this research, you can consult Damasio’s book “Descartes’error” which explain what is the impact of emotion in decision making.

The emotional aspect in making decision is often opposed to the logical part, but finally is complementary. But each person put the degree of logic or the degree of feelings she wants in making good decisions. Bad decisions and irrationals decisions can be due to emotions too strong because of your mind avoiding the reason part. You can feel your brain face to a real dilemma almost paralyze to deliberate between some choices.

Role of subconscious

What is it ?

Subconscious refers to things which are not conscious but appears in the form of an instinctive reaction, like our memories, our intuition, our traumas and our fears.

Experiment of Chun Siong Soon: subconscious knows before conscious!

Your subconscious is really important in the consensus of decision making, before you know it, he did it for you. Another experiment has been realized by Chun Siong Soon a neurologist which did some studies about decision making. This research was called the “unconscious determinants of free decisions in the human brain” with Brass M, Heinze HJ, and Haynes JD. He asked to a group of people to take a decision really quickly pushing a button, at the same time he could analyzed the activity of the frontopolar cortex of the brain thanks to the signal from functional brain scanner (fMRI). When he decoded the signals, he discovered that the participants took their decisions subconsciously few seconds before they had the illusion to take it consciously.


Instinct vs intuition

Intuition belongs to subconscious, and can be mixed up with the instinct. When you’re achieving your decision process by instinct, it’s means that there is no reasoning, solving the problem of making decisions. Instinct is only based on our primitive reactions. Intuition is not rational and is often a decisive solution in habit of people. Imagine a scenario where you hear a little voice inside of you telling you what is the right choice to do for you to be happy, this is intuition.

Psychological approach of decisions and happiness

The psychologist Gerd Gigerenzer did studies about intuitive choices as decision making techniques was more use than other. People are too stressed of regretting their choices because it’s like course of action to the pursuit of happiness. How to be happy with our final decision? Did you know that it doesn’t exist studies about how many choices each human being has to make?

Human behavior

What we need to change Not being able to take decisions, can be really embarrassing. Indecision compromise a lot of plans, analyzing it we observe that it’s due to some circumstances like: -Lack of self-confidence -Fear of failure - Too much choices, if there is too much variables your choices will be harder to make

Do you need some help to purchase decision making skills? How to remedy to so much doubts and indecisiveness?

Be the master of your decision-making process

Gain time in your wavering moment.

Indecision, can let time to some people to take a bad decision for you. Isn’t it a best option to take a choice and assume risks? Don’t take the risk to follow decision of others instead of you. Not making a choice is taking a choice thoughtlessly.

Live experiences and note what you like or what you don’t

Who are you?

Learning about yourself is the most important thing. How do you react in some situation? Analyze your emotions and understand them. You will see that it could be a real entertainment at the end.

Accept the risk

Surprise, surprise! There are not only bad surprises. Play the game and go ahead! Good surprises also happen !

Decision making tools

Methods A solution to your indecision, these methods to develop:
  • The T-Chart
  • Decision matrix
  • Decision tree
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • The SWOT analysis (Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats)
  • The PEST analysis (Political, economic, social, technological)
An app of decision making

And if you just need to deliberate between eating Chinese or Mexican food, just try our app on the app store: Make a choice! Thanks for your attention, let’s check our next article !

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