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Launch a Mobile App with consumers expectations fulfilled !

Consumers have expectations about mobile applications which are not understanding by a lot of professionnals. A real gap between them exists.  Moreover, technology is constantly evolving, professionnals are focus on following all this modifications, forgetting about what people want. We gonna give you some advices to be more efficient with your future consumers.


Before launching the app, prepare your audience. What does that mean?

  • Prepare questionnaire to know consumers needs about an app like yours
  • Let at least 100 different people answering it to have an interesting result
  • Analyze your result and compare it with what you wanted to suggest in your app

You can do a market studies which could be very interesting to know the environment, the market, the competitors, the potentials consumers and their customs. If you have a small budget try to make a qualitative study by your own, and a big company will choose also a quantitative study which is expensive and which take a very long time. A quantitative study is realized if you have not enough answers with the qualitative study.


“I am the only developer, and I don’t know what to do, what is good or not? help me”

How to benefit from these advices?

Find testers, people really involved in your project to test it in exclusivity, will give you some precious advices to let you know strength and weakness of your application. Accept the constructive criticism to reply to need of people following you.

The concept of exclusivity will seduce your audience and your public. You give them the opportunity to be engaged in your project, to be a part of it and to contribute. To find them, you have to do campaign on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc). Don’t forget that each social network has their own rules. You can also contact famous and popular people, which could appreciate your app. It has to be a compensation between you and for example a youtuber.


Optimize your app, all bugs which could happen will just annoyed the consumer. the threshold of tolerance of a consumer will be quickly achieve. Your followers should have an efficient app and don’t lose time. Consumers of mobile apps have now not much time.

In the event of a technical problem on your app inform your users about it will be greatly appreciated!


The technological aspect is an important point. Be aware about new technologies, new apps, and about what suggest competitors! If you do the difference you will gain the attention of a lot of people. This community of fan of technology will blame you if you don’t follow evolutions. Gain added value counting on research and development. On the app store and the google play store competition is really harsh. If your app is a game or is related to entertainment, the competition will be higher. You have to gain visibility among best apps of the market. A mobile phone count around 40 apps, to be one of this 40 apps you have to be different.

FIFTH STEP Consumers of mobile apps want a useful application and fun apps! no more than that! SIXTH STEP Share your story, be involved, show who you are and your values. What kind of values? Solidarity, simplicity, fun, entertainment, etc. Showing to your consumer all this information, will affect people, you’ll not be only a link, an app name, or a website. You will be considered as a true person who wants to share a part of themselves not only for business purpose. Be passionate and you will be understood and listen by the others. Post good contents on topics like yours, for example video games, entertainment, mobile apps, fun apps, etc. Make a choice, choose social link, and create engagement. Blue Hood entertainment share with you its story, to create a real link with its consumers, to know them better and reply to their needs. Now that you have all the cards, it’s your turn to play! We hope that you’ll love this article, thanks for your support. Subscribe to our blog if you liked it, and you will receive all our new post. You can find us on
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