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How instagram works for business

Do you need a digital strategy on Instagram but you have no idea where to begin ?

Once upon a time Instagram

Instagram is a famous and a popular social network used by more than 600 million of people in the world it’s a platform where you can share pictures and videos. It was created in 2010 by two guys; the app was a real success in one year they reached 100 million of users and became a huge community. Now it has grown a lot! Instagram like every social network can be a way for your company to communicate about your business. It, has its own rules. You can use Instagram on your mobile phone.

The use of Instagram

At first, the use of a fun app like Instagram was about posting pictures and video on the moment, and sharing them. But the app changed, and the use also. People began to use it for posting pictures and videos really aesthetic, and the concept of instantaneity was not important anymore, at the opposite of Snapchat. Instagram is like the vitrine of your store.

So how can Instagram help my business?

How to create a new Instagram account?

1. Create your account

The business page

In a first place, you have to register on Instagram and especially create a page for your blog if you’re a blogger, or your Start Up, or any professional activity. It doesn’t matter if you are a small business owner or if you have a huge company, it could be your social media marketing plan.

Having that kind of page presents different advantage. For a best visibility, I advise you to put your logo as a profile picture and to make a description of your business really clear.


for our business Uly Apps we could write:

Mobile developerFun mobile apps! – SUBSCRIBE to test our new game on IOS Wingy Penguin – Try on the app store MAKE A CHOICE –

2. The description

The Content

here you’ve described three different points. In a first place your activity, in a second place your values or your business in itself, and to finish, a small description of your products or your services.

Here, we present our two apps, without forgetting to announce the new one. If you want to use Instagram to make the promotion of one of your products or announce where is it available don’t hesitate to put it in the description.

The form

Instagram is a community where emojis are really used and appreciated by the users. You should punctuate your description by some of them. You can look at the most famous one (fire, hearts, etc), all depends of your values and what you want to share, if you are an app developer use a smartphone as emoji, etc.

3. The username

The name your brand

The username is also really important, you can use different strategy. Your name has to be short and to reflect your business activity.

It can be “diminutive of your brand/ or short brand name + (NO sign as _ or -) + keyword reflecting your activity”.

Use Keywords

Having a keyword about your activity could help people when you’re a small business to find you more easily. Your username should be easy to spell for people, and not similar to others. On Instagram your strength will be to be unique. We choose for us: Uly apps, use it for our twitter account and linkedin account also.

4. Link and contact

Choose a link

You also have the possibility to put a direct link to your website on internet. You can only put one link which will be possible to click on. So, choose the link which is the more interesting for you, is it your Facebook? your twitter? your blog? Or your website? Look at your interests and think about it.

Add your contact information

Add your location, it’s important if you have a local to inform your followers about it. Where can they find you or send you some posts? There is a tab where they can simulate the itinerary which could be really useful especially if you’re a shop. On IOS it’s related to the mobile application called “map”.

Your email, and your phone can appear and be ready to click for users, it could be really interesting for you to use that kind of options. Choose the tabs that you want to be in your Instagram profile. You can link your personal account with your professional account.

Statistics : Why should you analyze your results ?

Statistics about your post and your page

On a professional page on Instagram you have an access to the statistics of your profile. You can see the number of printing which means the number of time that your post has been seen, the impact of your posts which means the number of unique accounts which have seen one your post, and the number of views of your Instagram profile. You can also know how much click you received on your website or the link you put in evidence the last 7 days.

Statistics about your followers

Concerning your followers, you can learn a lot of information about them: sex, age, location, and above all the hours most efficient in function of days when they are most connected. This last information can be really helpful to decide about when to post your publication on the social network.

Use this information to get more followers and check if your followers are in your niche.

How to get more followers?

1. What you can do

Using Hashtags

You have to post great pictures, if you want a fan base quickly, use hashtags. A hashtag, is a word following the symbol # which will index your image in a category of key words. To optimize the engagement of your contents, use a lot of hashtags and target your audience with words related to your content. The use of hashtags can be a real marketing strategy.

Imitate competitors and publish in time

There is a tactic which consist in following followers of your competitors. Be active and publish the photos every day at strategic hours. To increase your Instagram views, you should connect your post published to your Facebook and Twitter, thanks to this strategy you could gain free twitter followers and likes on your Facebook page.

Contact influencer and celebrities

You can contact an influencer and connect with some celebrities to make your products for example go viral. Your followers could intensify super fast if they organize you a shoutout, which is a way to grow your audience. Messaging your prospect, you could build a customer base and get some email signature. You’ll get noticed if someone is following you.

Interact with people

Interacting with your target audience when someone let a comment create social link. Happy users or happy followers could promote your business on their stories or their posts.

Use other social network

Get followers with your actual online marketing on your others social media platforms. Those people on your Facebook page, your twitter page could also love what you’re sharing on your Instagram account.

2. What you can't do

Don’t get ghost followers, don’t buy followers you could take the risk to lost them all in few days, and avoid the possibility to use bots which is the reverse of Instagram policy. Get real people who might be interested by your photos.

The importance of appearance, how to have a good content?


As a company you have some values which are proper to your company. One of the aim of Instagram is to make understand to your followers what are the values of your brand. Its depends of your business sector for sure! You have to determinate what kind of atmosphere you want to share: cold colors or punchier! what kind of filters? About filters you can use the most popular one : Rise, Mayfair, Hefe, Nashville, Valencia.

Your Instagram as a brand will be your shop front online. Having good contents means:

1. An elaborate design

with editing apps

A lot of Apps on your phone can help you to realize it and some are created for the use of instagram. Instagram is a plateform made for mobile phone you gonna gain a lot of time realizing your pictures with some apps to create them (use filters, stickers, montage, etc).

2. Harmony between each post

Originality and similarity

You can oftenly use the same typology for your post for example (colors, spirit of the post, tone of the post).

3. Bring an information to your potential customer

gain the interest of your client

New post on your blog, launch of a new fun app, competition to provide a gain, post special events (Christmas, Halloween, meet up with some people interested in your product/service, night of launching of your product), post to thanks your followers, etc. There is a lot of ideas to maintain your Instagram!

4. Change the format of your contents

for example, using the app Giant square

This app available on the app store and the google play store can help you to create huge images on Instagram, it can be really useful to be seen more efficiently by the community of Instagram.

5. If you have the possibility to do it make your own pictures

Your pictures will be unique never seen elsewhere

Follow advices of our future post about “How to take a great picture? Help me!” you will benefit of some rules which can make your pictures amazing!

If you don’t have the possibility to take your own pictures, use pictures free of use, and customize them. Be sure that these pictures are made for commercial use. You can also buy cheap pictures free of use.

6. Use video contents

This is one of the best strategy for you

the video format is more and more use in each social network like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat. A video will create more commitment, because emotions are obvious. Videos influence customer and push them to buy, it become a real argument to convince your potentials clients!

If you want to make discovered your new game like us on IOS to add a video, means to add value to your product.

7. Call to action

create social media engagement

It's also one of the best practice to an e-commerce business.

8. Be innovative

How to success my social media marketing campaign on Instagram ?

1. Define your type of business
2. Choose your digital strategy
3. Make a checklist
4. Prefer loyalty and credibility
5. Imitate competitor
6. relate your Instagram to a blog and your social networks accounts

Now you’re ready to become a social media manager for your Instagram profile. Thanks for your attention, check our website and our blog for more articles!

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