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How to gain followers on Twitter ?

Get more followers on Twitter

Once upon a time about Twitter:

Twitter is a social network founded in 2006 which became popular in 2012. His feature is the possibility to communicate on a feed with short messages called “tweet”. A lot of famous influencers, bloggers, entrepreneurs and celebrities have a twitter account and a crazy number of followers. Katy Perry is the celebrity which have most followers, with today 105 million of followers.

The platform is made for everyone, there is a real community of Twitter users. Having a twitter profile can help you to reach some goals like to connect with people you couldn’t imagine, making viral content, or being a way to grow your business online. You could do a marketing campaign on twitter for making known your activity to increase your results. Twitter for business will boost up your visibility, with a good marketing plan and an online presence to purchase Twitter followers from your niche. So how to build your fan base? how to get twitters followers and launch my twitter account? How to increase your followers number?

First Step

Download Twitter app on your mobile phone, and boost your profile! (available on ios/android)

Get twitter for free on the app store, register your new account and the game can begin! Having the app on your smartphone will allow you to receive notifications of others accounts which is not working on the computer. Add a short username as twitter name, representing your brand and your activity. Moreover, you can observe profiles from competitors on twitter, and use their tactic beginning by their description. Your description can be inspired from competition but has to represent your own values. Optimize your description, indicate who you are, share your information and get more twitters followers.

Second Step

Follow Help accounts and followforfollow accounts

Lots of people have twitter accounts called “follow help”, “follow 4 follow”, or “follow back” for gaining free twitter followers. Find people which have a lot of followers. When you follow this kind of account, you have to active notifications on the little blue ring near of the follow button. If you like and retweet their tweet, you will gain more and more followers. Faster you like or retweet their tweet, and more it will work. You can also comment “IFB” which mean “I follow back”, and don’t forget to return the favor. You can use twitter analytics to check if your rate of followers increases or not. What you do, will help you to have an audience even though if it’s not focus on your niche for now. Don’t be inactive and interact in shoutouts.

Third Step

Don’t use new apps to gains followers/and don’t buy twitters followers

App to buy followers could be a poison tool. You’ll can’t unfollow this people in return in the future and be stuck with ghost accounts. Moreover, Twitter can recognize fake accounts and delete them all. Prices are not the cheapest, and as entrepreneur believe me than money can be more useful. Make a choice between having an engage community and ghost followers. Bots are not allowed by twitter and can be considered as spam.

Fourth Step:

Do daily post and good contents You can base your strategy on a content strategy. Show to your audience that you’re active, and you bring your distinctive feature. If you’re not posting, people will forget you, you can post at regular hours to accustom your followers to your tweets and create engagement. You will gain credibility with good post. If you are Interesting people you’ll get a large number of real people following you. Add some hashtags to your tweets, and be in the trending post.

Fifth Step

follow followers of your competitors For example, if you’re developing apps on IOS, like us you can follow people interested in your business, people following fun app like you, interested in app related to entertainment, people playing video games. If you follow people who share the same interest, you will create engagement. Another way to gain twitters followers is to call to action people which will see your contents, with promoted tweets which will be seen by more people. Don’t follow too much people at the time or to fast. Call to action means inviting people to interact with your tweet, for example sharing your Instagram to gain more Instagram followers, sharing your blog post, get email signature or get Facebooks likes on your page.

Sixth Step

Recognize people engaged with your content

“help me, I’ll help you back” If you create connection and give interest to the people interested by your post, you will gain long term engagement on the twittersphere.

Seventh and final step

Select your followers choose your followers, don’t keep a follower which is not sharing your interest and not following you back. Best apps for it are available on the app store or the google play store.

Now you’re ready to gain followers! And choosing followers involved with your content! We hope that you’ll love this article, thanks for your support. Subscribe to our blog if you liked it, and you will receive all our new post.

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